Are you having a bad phase?

Life has its ups and downs - and that is normal. Bad phases can be triggered by a bad grade in school, a fight or disagreement you had with someone you are close with or many other things in your life.

Often it can seem depressing when you have a bad phase, but there are things that you can do against it.

Get to the root of your problem

By doing so, you can see what has triggered your bad phase. Take some time and think about why you have been feeling worse than usual and what you can do so that that does not occur to you again or find a way to block out negative energy all along.

Step by Step

Sometimes you need to have bad phases, and that is ok. Do not expect too much from yourself or the people you are surrounded by. Set yourself small goals and see it as a reason to be happy if you achieve them. That way you also focus on all the positive aspects of your life, instead of limiting your mind to negativity.


Only if you are calm and relaxed, you will get a clear insight into why you have a bad phase. Bad phases are often just situations we talk ourselves into. If that is the case, don't spend too much time on your phone, get a lot of sleep, eat healthily, meditate and go outside. Surround yourself with the people you love and respect, those are the ones you can be yourself with, and you will feel relaxed.

Be yourself and talk to others about what you are going through because sometimes all it needs is a good conversation with somebody you are close, a hot cup of tea and some cookies.

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