"Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life."

Stress occurs to me as a student almost daily. The stress I am experiencing is caused by exams which are coming up, homework which I still have to complete or the tough challenge of jiggling my academic and social life. One thing that has always helped me escape this world of stress though has been music.

I play three instruments, and I am in a saxophone quartet. Now, how has this helped me escaping stress?

The music

The music and beautiful melodies never fail to light up my mood and carry my mind to places, where there is no stress or work. For me, this is a way of meditating and letting my mind rest.

The memories

Every piece of music I can play is attached to memories. Let me give you an example: One of my favourite compositions to play is Bachs "Bouree." The first time I played this in front of an audience was in December, on a cold, snowy day. My quartet had its first performance, and although not every note was perfectly played, it was a beautiful evening which will always be and stay in my memories. In stressful times, it is helpful to think back to such an evening. By playing this composition, I feel like I am standing in front of the audience with my quartet, a little nervous but very excited.

The pain

Some of my dearest pieces are the ones which are attached to pain. Now I am aware of how dramatic this may sound, but it is true. When I went through a tough time in school, there was one particular piece I kept on playing almost daily: Tchaikovskys "swan lake". When I now play this, It reminds me of the hard times I went through but also in what a healthy state of mind I am now.

The happiness

Now you wouldn't think that music is only attached to pain, would you? The reason why I enjoy playing instruments this much is because it makes me happy.

If you can play an instrument, be proud of it! And maybe my experiences will help you to broaden your horizon of what pieces are out there and in what ways music can heal wounds.

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