Social Media is no substitution for living

In our modern days, our phones and therefore social media too always accompany us wherever we go. We hardly leave our house without them, and we feel obligated to continually update our social media accounts on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. We need to post where we are, what we are eating, what we are wearing, who we are with and even what we are doing in the future. We spend nights watching videos on Youtube or Netflix, scrolling through our Instagram feed and updating our twitter to see, whether something new is happening, since our lives are uneventful anyways. But this is normal, right?

No, it is not. Social media is no substitute for living, and it is vital that you take breaks on scrolling through your feed and posting cute pictures with even cuter captions. A recent study made by the University of Pensylvania shows that if you only spend 10 minutes on each social media platform, loneliness and depression is reduced significantly compared to your mental stage in the beginning. Furthermore, there was a decrease in anxiety. The conclusion of this study was, that you should spend no more than 30 minutes on your social media platforms.

30 minutes?

30 minutes seems like an unachievable limit. In 2017 the daily time spent on social media was 135 minutes (2 hours and 15 minutes), and it is getting worse every year. So is it even possible to cut your time on social media if everyone is equally addicted? Yes, and you should do it. Imagine what you could do in that time! Read a newspaper or a book, work out, clean your room, meditate or most importantly spend time with your family or friends. That way you make real memories and have real relationships.

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