My experience with meeting refugees

Within the past couple of years, Europe has encountered a problem with the inflow of refugees. In 2015, Europe saw just over one million refugees, a number which has decreased in recent years to around sixty thousand.

So, what is a refugee? A refugee is someone who is fleeing a country due to the persecution of some sort whether it be religious, political, etc. In the last three years, some countries have been in civil war forcing people to leave their homes with basically nothing and create a new life in a foreign country that might not even want them there. In 2016, three hundred thousands children arrived in Europe and of the three hundred thousand, 92% of them arrived unaccompanied. This leaves the governments of the European Union to find a way to hospitalize them. This makes refugees look very negative towards the home citizens of Europe, although refugees are just like us. In 2017 with my school, we helped out at a local refugee centre. During Halloween, we played trick or treat, giving the children candy and dressing up in costumes and makeup. We set up many different activities from art to sports for the upcoming holidays whether it was Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Halloween. All the children were very close to one another. Although they were much younger than me I noticed how similar we are. They love being active and spending time outside with their friends, doing art projects, cooking, and learning. Even though the language barrier was very difficult for some, we always found a way to have fun. Something I took from my experience with refugees is that they are not a burden as many European nations see them as, but they are normal human beings just like us, except they have been through an extra struggle to be able to receive a better life and be excepted as they are.

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