133‘000 unnecessary deaths every year.

133‘000 Teenager in the ages of 12-16 committed suicide last year, and the number is increasing.

We believe that suicide is not a topic that is discussed enough. It happens daily, and it needs to stop. It is uncomfortable to talk about it and therefore people often ignore it. That is exactly one of the reasons why numbers are increasing and not decreasing. In our world, suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year old. But how do you realise that someone has suicidal thoughts? We don't talk enough about it, so there are not many people who even know what a warning signal is.

- Often there is an incident that occurs to them. It's common that suicides (or attempts) have a triggering event. An example can be a divorce of the parents. - A change in the victim's personality is also typical. If he/she used to be funny or happy, it could be that now they are quiet and moody. - Often there is a change in the style. This can be a new haircut/ colour or a new way of styling.

What to do if one of those things apply to someone you know?

It's important not to rush to them and ask them if they are suicidal since that could scare them away. Show that you are a friend and try to find out if they are planning to commit suicide. If they know when and how they want to do it, you have to keep them safe. Tell someone who you trust and who can help you and more importantly your friend. Don't think to yourself that everything is going to be alright anyway.

But remember: often there arent any signals. There is no incident. So never forget to be kind to each other. So let's fight together, us teenager, against suicide.

Sources: www.yourlifecounts.org www.who.int

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