Dear Schools

We are Cloudymind. This website was started by three teenagers who wanted to make a difference in our society. We see teenagers suffering from problems almost every day. Because of that, we consult teenager on their daily life problems. If you want to find out more about who we are, click here.



We noticed that many schools do not have anyone for the teenagers to talk to. On the other hand, teenagers often don’t want to talk to adults. That's why we developed Cloudymind. Teenagers can send us an email, and we try to respond within thirty-six hours. If the issue is serious, we consult them on finding professional help.



Cloudymind aims to help Teenagers with their daily life problems. We aim to be accessible, free, and anonymous.  You can access this information through the homepage.



We offer presentations at schools to raise awareness about mental health and show teenagers that there is a way to talk to someone whom they can trust and relate with. We want to work closely with schools in order to help students which are struggling. If you are interested in a presentation, please contact us.

(This email is another one than the one we use for Teenager)


Frequently asked questions

How expensive are the presentations we offer?

They are free. We wont charge schools for the presentations.
If nothing else is arranged, the schools will arrange the transportation.

What are the presentations on?

We will be in close contact with the schools, to offer them the presentation they want. Our main Idea is to show students, that they are not alone and that there is someone they can talk to.

Are there any other ways to make students aware of Cloudymind?

Yes! Cloudymind can provide schools with flyers or posters. Schools can also contact us and tell us their ideas. We are always open your ideas.