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If you are a student, whether it be in middle school, high school, or university, you have likely experienced stress, if it is an exam, test, quiz or just the work load. Although, sometimes, the stress can be motivating, and a build up of stress, can lead to some very serious problems. An extreme amount of stress can lead to both your mental and physical health being put in danger. If you are experience a major amount of stress, and you feel depressed or having anxiety, please tell a parent or contact a mental health specialist as it could be serious. 

There are many ways to deal with academic stress... are five ways to help you or a friend:

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    If a student works for three, four, five hours straight, not only does your brain stops remembering information, affecting your studying, but also it can make you tired and more irritable.

    There is an app called 30/30 which is great for keeping time for studying and then taking breaks. During these breaks, make a snack, do exercise, or meditate, because it is much healthier to be active than to check social media, for example. 

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    For some students, working in groups can be helpful for learning from others, but you are also able to balance your social life. It is important in middle school, high school, and university to be social, but also have time to study and sleep.

    It is important to turn cell phones off or put it in a different room, so the group is fully focused. 

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    In this case, not friends or family, talk to a teacher or the school psychologist. Although sometimes teachers can be scary, they are should be approachable. It is important that if you are stressed about certain classes, you talk to the teacher.

    It could be able moving a test or quiz or lighting the work load, or it even could be able a way to spend less time on homework, but still receive the same grades. 

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    Do not compare yourself to other classmates or siblings. This is very important, it does not matter what others do, it is just important that you do better than the last time. This is what success should be.

    Stressing about tests and quizzes, and doing better than someone else, inevitably puts more stress on yourself. 

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    It is important to stay organised. You should keep your desk space, your work, and your agenda or planner very neat and organised. This will help you plan in the future and keep an organised schedule of when you have time to study.

    That way, your mind will be cleared from stress. You can schedule when you should work and when you are allowed to take a break.

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